Release Notes

A summary of available release notes for recent versions of M-Client

M-Client 2.1.5

Release Date: 19.01.2021

Improvement:  Metadata Configuration (MDC) improvements and bug-fixes.
Description: Lots of new features of MDC have been added and also fixed related bugs.

Defect: Token Expired Error 
Description: If the M-Client is opened a long time period with user inactivity, the token is expired on the server. User needs to be shown with a warning message dialog box which enables him to logout and login again.

Defect:  Support of non-24 Hours Format
Description: In previous versions M-Client only supports 24 hours time format. Since 2.1.5 users can also use 12 hours time format.

Defect:  Custom Name-Title Property is Not Filled At Document Upload
Description: When you have a custom name-title property, the upload document name must be filled as property value of this property.

Defect:  Workflow Assignments Completed Flags
Description: Completed flags are not shown correctly in some cases.

Defect:  Wrong Time Columns in non-24 Hours Format
Description: If the M-Client uses 24 hours format, the view time columns are wrongly shown.

Improvement:  Cosmetic UI changes and small bug fixing.
Description: Minor UI related updates/imrpvoments.

M-Client 2.1.4

Release Date: 08.02.2020

Improvement:  macOS Catalina Update
Description: Updating codebase for macOS Catalina version upgrade.

Defect:  Object Permission Change after Metadata Change
Description: When the object permission change after saving metadata, M-Client must act accordingly. For example, if the user is not able to see the object, M-Client must refresh the views.

Defect:  Object LastModified Property Nil Check
Description: Checking the nil for last modified properties.

Defect:  MDC Enabled Metadata Card ComboBox Selection Error
Description: If the metadata card configuration is enabled, M-Client crashes after changing the combobox field value.

Defect:  MDC Enabled MultiSelectLookup Error After Changing Object Class
Description: If metadata configuration is enabled, M-Client crashes after updating object class several times.

M-Client 2.1.3

Release Date: 25.09.2019

Defect:  Permission Problem in Document Creation from Template
Description: Error message: HTTP Error Code : 500,Access Denied.

Defect:  Permission Problem in Workflow Transition
Description: Error message: HTTP Error Code : 500,Access Denied. For the read only documents, it is impossible to change the workflow state.

Defect:  Metadata Configuration Typed Value Creation Crashes the M-Client
Description: When the typed value in MDC does not have a configured value, M-Client is crashed at the beginning of launch.

M-Client 2.1.2

Release Date: 29.08.2019

Improvement: M-Files metadata configuration support.
Description: In preferences of M-Client, it is possible to enable metadata card configuration support. Default is disabled for this release.

Improvement: Azure 365 Active Directory Support.
Description: oAuth now support Azure 365 Active Directory login.

Improvement: Download circle is visible all the time in the bottom left corner.
Description: Even when the user isn't doing anything, there is a download circle in the bottom left corner.

Improvement: No message if there are no search results.
Description: When user searches for something which isn't in the vault, there is no message saying that there were no results.

Improvement:  Adding Alert for Updated M-Client Versions.
Description: Allows to alert the user for updated M-Client versions.

Improvement:  Better Usability for Assignments in Metadata Card.
Description: Enables checkbox for assignment completion in metadata card.

Improvement:  History isn't working, unable to preview properties/files of the old versions.
Description: Right-click -> History leads to a screen where you can just see how many versions there are in total.

Improvement:  Key shortcuts don't work.
Description: Supports to use the key shortcuts.

Defect:  M-Client gives Not Found HTTP error in old M-Files versions.
Description: Because of not having the pinned features of M-Files in older versions, M-Client gives the error just after logging.

Defect:  Assignments show up but it's impossible to complete those.
Description: Error message: HTTP Error Code : 500, The parameter is incorrect. (Duplicate user id.).

Defect:  Empty search crashes M-Files.
Description: Search without empty text crashes M-Client.

Defect: Searching for "testing" crashes M-Client
Defect: Search with keyword testing crashes M-Client.  

Defect:  Imagefiles are checkoutable.
Defect: Possible to check out the image files.  

Defect:  Inserting a same table column multiple times is possible.
Defect: It's possible to set the same column (for example Accessed by Me) multiple time when you right click the topbar and set it.

Defect: Write a comment forces inserts "Write a comment" in the comment
Description: · Remove Write a comment string when the comment text editor gets focus.
Defect: Typo: "Share Publick Link..." instead of "Share Public Link..."
Description: · Correcting typo error.

Defect: Favoriting in Create a object part gives a weird error message.
Description: · When user tries to create a new object (customer, document, project etc). He/she is greeted with a random error and nothing happens..

Defect: Typo: Check in Immediately in create project instead of Check in immediately.
Description: · Correcting typo error.

 Defect: Typo:" Scanning and Text Recgonition (OCR)" instead of "Scanning and Text Recognition (OCR)"
 Description: · Correcting typo error.

Defect : Crash - Create Document Collection
Description:· Unable to create document collection.

Defect: Add Dynamics Property to Expands Views
Description:  Adding dynamics property to views.

Defect:  Typo: UnPin instead of Unpin.
Description: Typo: UnPin instead of Unpin.

Defect: M-Client Save Problem
Description: If there is only one vault defined in the system, the Continue button is not active during saving through M-Client Save Folder.

Defect: Text fitting problem
Description: If the workflow and workflow state names are too long, they are not fitting to the boxes.

Defect: Ribbon icon problem
Description: During new document creation, Follow, Pin and Add to Favorites icons were showing. They are now hidden for new document metadata.

Defect: Sorting problem
Description: There was a sorting problem in views. 

Defect: Report object problem
Description: It is not possible to read the name of the report object and M-Clients gives a warning as ""Object type with ID : 15 not found. You may not have enough permission to view this object type" and then crashes.

Defect: Permission Problem
Description: Permissions were setting wrongly if there was an automatic permission setting from a property.

Defect: MS Word access problem
Description: When a new document is created, Microsoft Word is asking access permission.

Defect: Checkin Problem
Description: During document check-in, M-Client is waiting indefinitely.

Defect: Some text problems
Description: Some wordings are not correct.

Defect: Text problem in commenting
Description: "Write a comment" is not disappearing during commenting.

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